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Strategic guidance, training, templates, and planning to:

Win political campaigns.

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Courses from The Digital Plan combine the latest in digital and tech strategy, real-world nonprofit and political campaign experience, and adult learning theory to empower your strategy and engagement.

End of Year fundraising is critical for every organization, and having a true End of Year Fundraising Digital Strategy is crucial to that success. But we know it can be confusing where to focus online, what strategies to plan, and how to implement a campaign that is a success for your organization. That’s why Brad and Beth Becker are teaming up to offer an in-depth, four-part training to get you ready with on strategy covering Calendaring, Giving Tuesday, Email Content, Digital Ads Planning, Social Media, Website Development, Reporting and more!

Self-Paced Courses

All self-paced courses are multi lesson courses that include quizzes, resources, exercises, and completion certificates.

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Members only 20% off code
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Live Courses

Live multi-week courses occur once a week over a several week time span going deeper on a strategy or tactic.


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