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Essentials of Digital

for Political Campaigns

Learn essential strategies, tactics, tips, and technologies to run an effective digital program for your political campaigns.

Classes Thursday 6 ET / 3 PT January 16th  – March 12th.

Every campaign has its own pathway to victory. In this 9-lesson course, you’ll learn essential strategies to win — and how to individualize your campaign efforts for maximum impact. 

Digital for Political Campaigns
2020 Strategy Cohort

Essential digital strategy for fundraising, voter engagement, persuasion, supporter recruitment, and mobilization to Get Out the Vote!
As a member of the Digital Strategy cohort, you’ll power up your political campaign alongside other campaign staff, candidates, and skilled digital communicators, organizers, and online fundraising professionals in the progressive political movement

Matrix of Engagement Cohort

We expanded our popular Matrix of Engagement Cohort from a 6-month to 12-month cohort. The Matrix of Engagement is a holistic digital strategy framework. Go beyond clicks, ladders, and short term goals. Evolve your digital strategy into a human-centered growth and engagement program.

Email Program Management Strategic Cohort

Our 4-week Email Program Management course is becoming an even bigger 12-month cohort. Learn the essential strategy, tactics, and tips to manage a strategic email program. Monthly sessions and peer learning.

Social Media — Strategic Cohort

We’ve run several classes on social media over there years. Now we are building a bigger 12-session cohort. You'll learn real strategy and get equipped with templates. We'll introduce you to the latest tools and tips to manage a strategic social media program. Monthly sessions and peer learning.

WordPress Site Building Course

A brand new 8-week course that will teach you how to launch and build a basic WordPress based website. We'll go from scoping to deploying a new WordPress based website. You’ll understand how to do it all using the Divi builder used on over half a million websites

Self-Paced Courses

All self-paced courses are multi lesson courses that include quizzes, resources, exercises, and completion certificates.

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