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Essential digital strategy for fundraising, voter engagement, persuasion, supporter recruitment, and mobilization to Get Out the Vote!

As a member of the Digital Strategy cohort, you’ll power up your political campaign alongside other campaign staff, candidates, and skilled digital communicators, organizers, and online fundraising professionals in the progressive political movement

We expanded our popular Matrix of Engagement Cohort from a 6-month to 12-month cohort. The Matrix of Engagement is a holistic digital strategy framework. Go beyond clicks, ladders, and short term goals. Evolve your digital strategy into a human-centered growth and engagement program.

Our 4-week Email Program Management course is becoming an even bigger 12-month cohort. Learn the essential strategy, tactics, and tips to manage a strategic email program. Monthly sessions and peer learning

You’ll learn essential strategies for running an impactful social media campaign. This cohort is about empowering you to run an intentional and impactful long term social campaign. We’ll mix advanced strategy, templates, creative messaging, and tools to help you make a bigger impact! 

February Classes

Essentials of Digital for Political Campaigns — Lesson #5

Social Media for Political Campaigns

Thursday, February 20th at 6 ET / 3 PT

Included with course or Political Campaigns — 2020 Strategy Cohort

Core Topics:

  • How strategic social media wins campaigns
  • How to choose which social media platforms to use — and which you can ignore
  • Building capacity for good impact on social media
  • Resources for great social media
  • Understanding the intersection of social digital ads and organic content

Matrix of Engagement 2020 Cohort

Lesson #2 — Mapping your Matrix entry

Tuesday, February 25th at 6 ET / 3 PT

Core Topics:

  • Planning your organizational shift – Review
  • Mapping Entry Strategy
  • Strategic Cohorts and Tagging
  • Matrix Entry Mapping Worksheet

Email Program Management Strategic Cohort

List Evaluation & Projection

Wednesday, February 26th at 6 ET / 3 PT

Core Topics:

  • Working on complex list evaluation
  • Strategy for determining more accurate list value 
  • Template and strategy for planning

Essentials of Digital for Political Campaigns — Lesson #6

Broadcast and Peer-to-peer Texting for Political Campaigns

Thursday, February 27th at 6 ET / 3 PT

Included with course or Political Campaigns — 2020 Strategy Cohort

Core Topics:

  • How strategic texting wins campaigns
  • Text messaging’s impact on recruitment, organizing, fundraising, and voter engagement.
  • Broadcast versus Peer-to-Peer Texting
  • How to choose your texting tools and basic implementation

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