Digital for Political Campaigns
2020 Strategy Cohort

Essential digital strategy for fundraising, voter engagement, persuasion, supporter recruitment, and mobilization to Get Out the Vote!

As a member of the Digital Strategy cohort, you’ll power up your political campaign alongside other campaign staff, candidates, and skilled digital communicators, organizers, and online fundraising professionals.

Led by former Obama campaign and DNC digital strategist Brad (Schenck) Caldana, this cohort also includes access to high-impact digital templates, tools, and tactics to help you take control of your digital strategy and focus on winning your campaign!

Only $149 a month

Join now and pay only $45 for early access and pay nothing until January 15th!

In this powerful cohort you’ll get:

Essentials of Digital for  Political Campaigns Course

Access our 9-lesson course on that covers the essentials of campaign digital strategy, including the fundamentals of digital advertising, email fundraising, winning on social media, and more.

WordPress Templates to Jumpstart or Enhance Your Campaign Website

You’ll get an easily customizable WordPress template that we’ve designed specifically to help your political campaign tell its story and start mobilizing supporters. Plus, we’ll help you ensure your campaign’s unique identity shines through, with easy tips and guidance on branding, engagement, and mobilization.

Email Templates for Fundraising, Events, GOTV, and More

Save time crafting emails, with essential email templates for key campaign activities, milestones, and calls-to-action. Plus, template library with additional resources throughout the cycle to reflect new knowledge and data on the most effective tactics and messaging.

 Monthly Strategy Sessions 

Each month, your campaign will have access to two valuable strategy sessions, with the latest insights on…

Digital advertising for political campaigns

Improving essential digital strategies to reach your campaign’s goals in supporter recruitment, voter persuasion, mobilization, and fundraising.

Dozens of On-Demand Training for Email Engagement, Mobilization, Fundraising, and Social Media

Plus, you’ll have access to our massive training library of 50+ other classes offered by The Digital Plan, including tips, tricks, and digital how-tos from some of the progressive movement’s most proven experts in winning digital political campaigns.

Office Hours

Monthly open strategy sessions to answer digital strategy question.

About the Instructor

Brad (Schenck) Caldana is a leading digital and engagement strategist for nonprofits and political campaigns. He’s been driving engagement via the internet for over a decade and the author of “The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals.”

Important roles he’s held: President Obama’s 2012 Training Director and battleground state digital strategy, Digital Strategy for the Democratic National Committee, Digital Strategy for the Obama-Biden 2012 Inaugural team, founding Digital Strategist for Organizing for Action, CREDO SuperPAC Digital Strategy, Head of Engagement for, Rainforest Action Network Digital Engagement Director, and dozens of other campaigns and international nonprofits.

Strategic Cohort Details

Digital Ads Strategy 

You’ll get access to monthly sessions to boost strategy:

      • A monthly cohort strategy session just on digital Ads.
      • Email list growth and fundraising
      • Voter registration and persuasion
      • Supporter, volunteer, and donor recruitment and mobilization
      • Concrete examples of what’s working — and what’s not — in digital advertising for political campaigns.

Voter Engagement Strategy

From registration to persuasion you’ll get digital strategy and:

      • Advice to match digital strategies to fit your campaign — and your budget.
      • Real cross-channel strategies for registering voters, including tactical insights on integrating email, social media, and all essential channels.
      • Actionable insights on the latest apps and tech tools for electoral campaigns.

 Email Strategy & Templates

You’ll get access to email templates and serious email strategy:

      • Email list growth strategies to reach and inspire passionate supporters, volunteers, donors, and voters.
      • Customizable email templates to help you recruit volunteers, donors, and other valuable supporters.
      • Real strategy and tips to make the most out of major campaign milestones

Website Template & Strategy

You’ll get access to our Political Campaigns website template and serious website strategy:

      • An easily customizable WordPress template designed specifically for campaigns.
      • Jumpstart your website’s launch with our template so you can focus on telling personal story to win supporters, donors, and voters.
      • Best practices and strategy for fundraising, voter engagement, persuasion, supporter recruitment, and mobilization to Get Out the Vote!

Social Media Strategy

You’ll get access to social media examples and serious social media strategy:

      • Proven strategies to effectively use social media channels to win campaigns.
      • Smart-from-the-start strategic thinking for social media.
      • Concrete examples of successful social media campaigns — and key takeaways on what makes them work.
      • Customizable social media graphic templates for several channels and post types.

Text Messaging Strategy

From broadcast to peer-to-peer texting you’ll get real strategy:

    • Smart-from-the-start strategic thinking.
    • Understand how texting and mobile strategy relate to your email, social media, and data strategy — and what approaches may work best for you.
    • Broadcast text messaging strategies to thoughtfully mobilize your supporters.
    • Peer-to-peer texting strategy that puts the power of your supporters front-and-center in your campaign for victory.
    • Customizable text messaging templates.

Data Strategy

With access to serious data and analytics strategy. You’ll get:

      • Expert insights to help you understand how to connect voter data with digital data to find and mobilize your supporters.
      • Direct training to help you understand and act on website analytics.
      • Personal and group training on (ethically?) leveraging data from social media interactions to connect with your supporters.

Digital Organizing Strategy

Leverage your community to win your election with strategy:

      • Scalable strategy to inspire, engage, and mobilize supporters
      • Introductions and insights on the latest apps, tools, and platforms to find and organize your supporters.
      • How to organize and mobilize people with Facebook Groups, Slack, and emerging digital channels to power your organizing efforts.

Video & Design Strategy

Video and design strategy is essential for engagement:

      • Strategic sessions on design and video, with exciting ways to help you capture, create, and communicate your campaign’s story.
      • Examples of other great graphics and videos for campaigns. You’ll learn what works in design and video — and why.
      • Design templates and resources to help you create moving content for people your campaign needs to reach.

This strategic cohort is great for:


Digital strategy is essential for modern political campaigns. This cohort will help you build an effective digital strategy, so you’ll know what you need to know and can focus on winning.

Digital Staff

Digital Strategy for campaigns is different than running digital for companies or nonprofits. We’ll help you navigate the quirks of digital political campaigns by helping you develop specific skills and knowledge you need to run a winning digital program for a political campaign.

Staff & Volunteers

We’ve helped enough campaigns to know that people often wear multiple hats in a campaign office — and that often it’s volunteers, not paid staff, who carry out important roles. If you’re one of these largely unsung heroes, this course is for you! It will help your personal impact and support the candidates who you feel best represent your values.

Digital for Political Campaigns 2020 Strategy Cohort
This will is a powerhouse cohort led by Brad (Schenck) Caldana former Obama campaign and DNC digital strategist. Take control of your digital strategy and focus it to win your campaign!
$149.00 every month
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