Email Planning for Success

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Managing a good email program starts with good process. Good process is about consistent in email planning and drafting. 

In this class we’ll explore 3 email planning and drafting templates designed to help you plan emails that better target goals and effectively get better emails out to your list.


  • Intro
  • Problem

  • Success 

  • How to use Email Planning Templates

  • Email Checklisting
  • Q&A

Key takeaway:

Templates for email planning ready for you to draft, edit, and approve emails.

Brad (Schenck) Caldana

Brad (Schenck) Caldana

Author of The Digital Plan and Senior Digital Strategy Trainer

Brad (Schenck) Caldana is a leading digital and engagement strategist for nonprofits and political campaigns. He’s been driving engagement via the internet for over a decade and the author of "The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals." His trainings have empowered thousands of people around the world.

Important roles he’s held: President Obama’s 2012 Training Director and  battleground state digital strategy, Digital Strategy for the Democratic National Committee, Digital Strategy for the Obama-Biden 2012 Inaugural team, founding Digital Strategist for Organizing for Action, CREDO SuperPAC Digital Strategy, Head of Engagement for, Rainforest Action Network Digital Engagement Director, and dozens of other campaigns and international nonprofits.




Every Digital Director, Email Director, or Communications Directors managing an email program should have consistent planning systems. 

Digital Staff

Everyone working in email program should have consistent planning systems. 


This systems are helpful from large scale organizations to local volunteer projects. 

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