Fundamentals of Strategic Digital Planning

Great digital strategy is a beautiful blend of creative arts, data, technical skills, and strategy. Because it combines so many elements, creating the right strategy can be hard. That’s why we wrote the book on digital strategy for nonprofits and political campaigns and why I’ve created this course.

Designed to help you kickstart your strategic digital planning, this course will empower you to take it up a level. You’ll learn the core concepts and methodical systems to be a better strategist and planner. We’ll go deep on goals and tactics. We’ll help you think more strategically about your resources and budgets. And we’ll bring it together with an in-depth version of our strategically designed digital project planning blueprint.

This is a comprehensive five-lesson course with video training, quizzes, resources, and a completion certificate.

Lessons included in the course 

Big Picture Overview

Lessons #1 is all about giving you a solid orientation to the fundamentals of strategic digital planning.

● Goals and how they fit your strategy
● Tactics and how they fit your strategy
● Engagement Cycle – An in-depth session on the digital engagement cycle
● Strategic overview


Lessons #2 goes deep on goals as the basis for strategic digital planning.

● Goals: Big Picture is about going deeper on a goals-based framework.
● Goals and Subgoals section will help you cut through the confusion on how to frame goals.
● Benchmarks and Milestones gives you the deeper knowledge to create a goals roadmap.
● Finding Your Goals closes the session with strategy to help you narrow in on goals.


Lessons #3 separates tactics from goals and shows you how to integrate the two into strategic digital planning.

● Goals & Tactics: how to separate and conceptualize them in one strategy.
● Tactics addresses the main buckets of digital tactics.
●  Holistic Strategy teaches you how to combine tactics and goals to make change.

This course is being offered as a special launch price of $50

Budgets and Resources

Lessons #4 will help you talk about the budget and resources needed to implement your strategy.

● Staff is the number one resource to discuss.
● Current Resources/Infrastructure is what you’ll need to evaluate for your project and goals.
● Project Budget module will help you strategically plan your budget on the project level.
● Department/Organizational Budget is about this project and how you build for longterm success.

Planning Template Deep Dive

Lessons #5 pulls the first four lessons together and brings them into our digital project planning blueprint.

● Planning Grid is an essential tool for good project planning that you’ll be able to apply to all projects.
● Plan Overview will give you a framework of the digital project planning blueprint.
● Tactical Section Deep Dive will expand from our other trainings and bring tactical strategy into your planning.
● Planning Wrap Up will help you visualize your plan and digital engagement cycle.

Fundamentals of Strategic Digital Planning
The essential course on the Fundamentals of Strategic Digital Planning. This is a comprehensive five lesson course with video lessons, quizzes, resources, and a completion certificate.
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