How to Pitch & Work With Reporters


We know that media coverage can go a long way in amplifying our messages to broad audiences who we aren’t already reaching. Following an intro to writing media advisories and press releases, this training takes a closer look at the best ways to reach out to reporters once you have news to send them and covers how to build a media list in the first place. Communications strategist Christine Wei will also share tips for fostering relationships with the reporters you pitch, drawing from her experience as a former journalist.


  • Intro
  • Brief overview on newsworthiness
  • Best practices for pitching
  • Examples of pitches
  • Building a media list (using digital tools!)
  • Fostering media relationships
  • Q&A

Key takeaway:

Best practices for cutting through newsroom inbox clutter, contacting reporters, and establishing good relationships with them

Christine Wei

Christine Wei

Communications Expert

Christine Wei is a former journalist with a decade's experience in storytelling and digital. In addition to offering writing and editing services, she helps grassroots organizers develop communication strategies that boost engagement, build the bench, and ultimately increase mobilization. These strategies encompass everything from media relations and internal infrastructure to email marketing and social media. She’s worked with organizations such as Indivisible and Families Belong Together and also has campaign and lobbying experience.




Digital, communications, campaign, and other leaders who plan to incorporate media in their strategic planning

Digital Staff

Communications and marketing teams that do media relations work as a part of growing their movements


For anyone aiming to spread the word about their organization’s campaigns and efforts 

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Online Class - How to Pitch & Work With Reporters
This is Christine Wei's 60-minute on-demand class on How to Pitch & Work With Reporters.
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