Impress Your Grant Administrator with Better Data & Insights

Thursday, June 20th at 3 ET / 12 PT Approx 50 Minutes

Cost: $40


Do you manage a grant or government contract that has a website, social media campaign, app, or another digital component? Then you need to provide regular reporting on how they perform. Yeah, it’s a pain. But it’s a way to demonstrate your program’s impact, find opportunities to be more effective and show that your organization is smart and data-driven.

This webinar provides ideas for how you can measure the digital portions of your grant. You will:

  • Learn how to impress your grant administrator with real insights…. not just numbers.
  • See innovative measurement solutions from other organizations
  • Get practical tips for implementing better measure of your own programs

Key takeaway:

Get practical advice for measuring digital outcomes and impressing your grant administrator with real insights.

Emily Patterson

Emily Patterson

Founder of Bee Measure

Emily Patterson runs Bee Measure, an agency that helps clients use data to create more effective web content, social media outreach and digital marketing. Drawing on her experience at Public Broadcasting Service and Better Business Bureau, Emily started Bee Measure in 2016 specifically to help nonprofits and government agencies. Emily is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional. She graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s in journalism and the University of Virginia with a graduate certificate in digital marketing. Emily lives in Charlottesville, Va. with her husband where she enjoys camping, skiing and sampling the area’s many breweries.




For Digital Directors and Communications Directors understand best practices in grant reporting and help your team get the data they need to be successful.

Grant administrators

If you are helping to manage a grant for your organization, understand how to improve your reporting and use data to get your grant renewed.

Program managers

Supplement your content area expertise with a better understanding of how to track, analyze and report on data.


  • Problem: Your grant administrator is pushing for “data-driven insights” but can’t tell you what that means
  • How to set your organization up for success
  • Planning for your grant
  • Defining your metrics
  • How to go from data to insights
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


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