A New Way to Measure Social Media Success: Conversion to Social Action

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We all know that analytics is one of the most important pieces of any digital campaign. But how to do the analytics when you have a to do list a mile long and it was all due yesterday? Join us for this online class with Social Media Strategist/Trainer Beth Becker who has developed an index metric that can you help you manage your time while still doing the analytics necessary to run a successful digital program.


Key takeaway:

What is the Conversion to Social Action Metric and how to figure it out. Plus worksheets.

Beth Becker

Beth Becker

Founder of Becker Digital Strategies

Beth Becker is the founder of Becker Digital Strategies, a boutique political digital consulting firm specializing in top-level digital strategy, social media strategy, and digital training. Well known for developing and leading NOI style digital boot camp trainings and mentoring the next generation of digital campaigners.

Ms. Becker blends strategy with hands-on expertise in the use of social media to organize grassroots movements and energize campaigns.



Digital and Communications Directors having this resources and system will improve your content strategy.

Digital Staff

Content and Social Media Managers, anyone working on blogs and site content. You’ll find the strategy and worksheets valuable.


Whether working with a small organization or project you can implement the learnings from this class.


  • What are the six buckets of social media metrics
  • Which metrics should one pay attention to when measuring social media success and which should you not
  • What exactly is Conversion to Social Action
  • Live demonstration of the Conversion to Social Action Worksheet

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