Media Training: Speaking with the Press

with Christine Wei

On-Demand Class Approx 60 Minutes

Cost: $15


Good media strategy is all about successfully getting your message across — first to the press, who passes it along to the public. This training will help you get confident in telling your story loud and clear in interviews, even when you’re facing tough questions. We’ll cover how to conduct basic pre-interview research, general storytelling strategy, and tools for controlling the narrative.


  • Intro
  • Basic preparation

  • Language dos and don’ts

  • Dealing with difficult questions

  • Medium-specific tips

  • Conclusion

  • Q&A

Key takeaway:

How to prepare for talking to the press, plus tips for dealing with difficult questions.

Christine Wei

Christine Wei

Communications Expert

Christine Wei is a former journalist with a decade's experience in storytelling and digital. In addition to offering writing and editing services, she helps grassroots organizers develop communication strategies that boost engagement, build the bench, and ultimately increase mobilization. These strategies encompass everything from media relations and internal infrastructure to email marketing and social media. She’s worked with organizations such as Indivisible and Families Belong Together and also has campaign and lobbying experience.




Digital, communications, campaign, and other leaders who might be speaking to the press,

Digital Staff

Communications and marketing teams that coordinate media interviews, serve as spokespeople, and provide training to the rest of the organization


For anyone aiming to spread the word about their organization’s campaigns and efforts

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Online Class - Media Training: Speaking with the Press
This is Christine Wei's 60-minute on-demand class Media Training: Speaking with the Press.
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