Social Media Recipe

with Beth Becker



We all know how important engagement is for social media and we do everything we can to get people to engage with us. However, the other half of the social equation- engaging with our community proactively- is often triaged due to time management or worse, forgotten completely. This webinar will offer tips and tricks for managing authentic two-way engagement on social media and will give you a tool to train yourself to engage with others without spending hours looking at shoes on Pinterest.

Key takeaway:

It’s called social media for a reason. It’s not enough for others to engage with us, we must engage with them as well.

Beth Becker

Beth Becker

Founder of Becker Digital Strategies

Beth Becker is the founder of Becker Digital Strategies, a boutique political digital consulting firm specializing in top-level digital strategy, social media strategy, and digital training. Well known for developing and leading NOI style digital boot camp trainings and mentoring the next generation of digital campaigners.

Ms. Becker blends strategy with hands-on expertise in the use of social media to organize grassroots movements and energize campaigns.




Digital Directors, Social Media Directors, and Communications Directors should have planing place based on the strategies you’ll learn.

Digital Staff

All staff working on social media, content, and communications, creative should have a working knowledge of a social media recipe.


This training will benefit volunteers and activists supporting an organization’s or campaign’s social media presence. 


● Intro
● What is authentic engagement on social media?
● Tips for encouraging your community to engage with you
● Tips for how to engage others on social media
● The Social Recipe- a tool for training yourself to engage with others
● Q&A

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