Tools & Strategy: VoiceVoice | On-Demand

VoiceVoice enables leading, solutions-driven advocacy organizations to engage their community in meaningful conversations at massive scale.

A platform for purposeful conversations with unparalleled depth and scale.

Progressive organizations come to us because it’s very difficult to engage large numbers of geographically distributed people, with an experience that feels truly engaging. At scale, one can easily broadcast video or audio, host typed social media conversations or forums, host one-way webinars or conferences- none of which gives a real “seat at the table” for the voices – they create an “audience” but not a “participant”.

We provide organizations trying to train or mobilize volunteers, engage donors, or activate large numbers of supporters, with platforms that give those important stakeholders a real voice, and can offer the experience of participating for more relationships, more learning, and more action.

Our new video-based platform, VoiceVoice, gives leading progressive organizations a better way to get their supporter base engaged by combining recorded video guidance with people engaging with each other in real time and encourages them to take action- e.g. donate, vote, volunteer, donate, share on FB- without leaving the platform. Live video conversations leveraging that recorded content are happening for supporters repeatedly, autonomously, and at scale.

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