Tools & Strategy: ActionSprout


Learn how to use ActionSprout, now FREE for all types of nonprofits and affordably priced for campaigns! ActionSprout is an online tool to find and schedule high-performing social media content for your Facebook pages. Save staff time by using our hand-curated top-performing daily content to increase the quantity and quality of your posts and use our analytics to understand what’s engaging audiences on those pages (including best times to post for your unique page, and best types of content to post to your audience), run optimized Facebook ads, and more. Take the headache out of maintaining multiple Facebook accounts and deliver great results to your organization or projects.


Key takeaway:

An understanding of ActionSprout, and how it can strategically fit into your set of strategic tools.




For EDs, Digital Directors, Engagement Directors, you’ll get an understanding of how this tool can fit into your organization’s strategy.

Digital Staff

For anyone working on supporter engagement and deepening engagement, you’ll want to understand this tool and how it can fit into your organization’s strategy.


For activists this tool will be out of range for smaller organizations but helpful to know about it’s functions and strategy as your organizations grow.

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