Tools & Strategy: OutreachCircle

About this session and OutreachCircle:

45 Minutes giving you a strategic overview of this powerful engagement platform, how the backend works, access to your free account (not a trial an actually useful free tool), and how to think about implementation. 

OutreachCircle is a supporter management, relational organizing and affinity texting platform that makes it easy for volunteers, activists and donors to support their favorite cause, campaign or organization.  We have worked with over 2K clients since 2016 including high profile races such as Senators Jones, Tester and Brown.

It all starts with OutreachCircle’s Supporter Action Hub where your supporters find all the ways they can help your efforts. They can donate, sign up for events, volunteer, and much more. And when they are ready to take their commitment to the next level, OutreachCircle’s relational organizing and affinity texting products makes it easy for them to get their friends and neighbors involved too. Whatever your mission may be, OutreachCircle connects, empowers and supercharges your supporters.

Check it out:

OutreachCircle starts at FREE for an actual engagement platform for small organizations and campaigns. When you join be sure to tell them The Digital Plan sent you:

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