Tools & Strategy: Smart As A Fox Mobile Messaging


Smart As A Fox Mobile Messaging, is a broadcast mobile (SMS) and patch-through calling platform that is accessible and affordable for small to mid-size organizations and campaigns to use for advocacy, marketing, education, and fundraising. We took the industry’s most powerful enterprise-grade mobile messaging platform and made it accessible for small to mid-size nonprofits and campaigns to use.

Our platform has all the functionality of Upland Mobile Messaging (i.e. Mobile Commons), but for 1/5 to 1/3 of the price. This is a great way for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations to afford text messaging outreach to its volunteers, supporters, and donors. Plus have a greater impact by running targeted click-to-call campaigns at corporations or local, state and federal elected officials.

Join us to mobile-ize for the greater good! Engage. Organize. Win.


Key takeaway:

An understanding of Smart As A Fox Mobile Messaging, and how it can strategically fit into your set of strategic tools.




For EDs, Digital Directors, Engagement Directors, you’ll get an understanding of how this tool can fit into your organization’s strategy.

Digital Staff

For anyone working on supporter engagement and deepening engagement, you’ll want to understand this tool and how it can fit into your organization’s strategy.


For activists this tool will be out of range for smaller organizations but helpful to know about it’s functions and strategy as your organizations grow.

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