Track and Analyze Your Digital Comms with Google Campaign Tags

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Want to better understand the impact of your social media, advertising, email and other digital marketing efforts? Google Analytics campaign tagging is the simplest way to this. This easy and under-utilized analytics feature will help you get insight into your digital marketing and be more strategic about your communications channels and advertising dollars. This training teaches you the basics of how to create links, analyze data and create a system that works across your organization.


  • Intro
  • Direct Traffic – What is it? Why is it a problem? 

  • How to Create Campaign-tagged Links

  • How to Use Campaign-tagging to track email, social media, ads, etc

  • How to Use This Data in Google Analytics

  • Words of Warning

  • Conclusion

  • Q&A

Emily Patterson

Emily Patterson

Founder of Bee Measure

Emily Patterson runs Bee Measure, an agency that helps clients use data to create more effective web content, social media outreach and digital marketing. Drawing on her experience at Public Broadcasting Service and Better Business Bureau, Emily started Bee Measure in 2016 specifically to help nonprofits and government agencies. Emily is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional. She graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s in journalism and the University of Virginia with a graduate certificate in digital marketing. Emily lives in Charlottesville, Va. with her husband where she enjoys camping, skiing and sampling the area’s many breweries.

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